sábado, 16 de abril de 2011


Yess, I got 2 weeks off! I have work to do, though, but I'm also going to keep working on alien designs and such. Here's a simple colored sketch.

Stuff I drew on the trip:
This got
smudged..It was 4 AM..It is a good excuse for drawing such anatomically incorrect hands..

Hmm...This was in the train.

..Weeell..yeah I just had to draw this. The guitar is very much incorrect, I'm not used to drawing them. No excuse though, I'll need to learn!
This is in a new sketchbook, made in class (oh..maybe I shouldn't have said that-)


I am going to redraw the arms.
Fatfaced alien dude! Woo! They can't all be handsome now can they..
I had an idea for their names but it slipped out of my mind again..

[edit: I just noticed they are ALL FACING TO THE SAME SIDE D: !]

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