sábado, 16 de abril de 2011


Yess, I got 2 weeks off! I have work to do, though, but I'm also going to keep working on alien designs and such. Here's a simple colored sketch.

Stuff I drew on the trip:
This got
smudged..It was 4 AM..It is a good excuse for drawing such anatomically incorrect hands..

Hmm...This was in the train.

..Weeell..yeah I just had to draw this. The guitar is very much incorrect, I'm not used to drawing them. No excuse though, I'll need to learn!
This is in a new sketchbook, made in class (oh..maybe I shouldn't have said that-)


I am going to redraw the arms.
Fatfaced alien dude! Woo! They can't all be handsome now can they..
I had an idea for their names but it slipped out of my mind again..

[edit: I just noticed they are ALL FACING TO THE SAME SIDE D: !]

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Trip to Paris

I just got back from a  looong trip, or at least the traveling itself took way too long- but I would've loved to stay in Paris much longer!
Motive for said trip was KÖZI <3 I went with 3 more people from Barcelona, I barely knew one of them..but we went along so great, so I can say I've got 3 friends more now : 3
I'm posting pictures and short clips the concert here, but just a  few, so anyone who wants to see more of them can messages me : )
                                                     [ bad quality pics, sorry]

 This one is made by a friend, I wasen't there at that moment but Közi here pointed at the poster and went : ''MEE MEEE, IT'S ME!'' xD It's and 'old' poster form 2004, so..


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMLYOQOa9Kw&lc=8vcvzq8gOTBvSXCMz9rLXBkbrsQFyG9qqd0AYUZi1zk&feature=inbox  Tired of waiting..I just use YT now xD


Upper left part, signature of Közi *w*

I made something for him!  A small painting, I wish someone took a picture of me giving it...Anyway here's a pic of it the day before I gave it away : )
They were surprised..and Közi seemed to love it! We shook hands, lol, and he thanked me : ) 
My friend gave all of the bandmembers some sort of chocolates, very nice ones, packed all awesome, and a shirt and something more for Közi. She also spoke with him..
For next time, I'll need to know Japanese xDD

CHAAAARGEEEEEEE!![it's a GIF, click it]