sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Plush Sheep

I'm making this plush sheep for my aunt's baby, she'll be born very soon >w<

The head...with 1 ear.

The body without filling.

I just took this picture, it's almost finished.

^Same as above.

 So I'm making the tail now xD


domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Marathon redesigns

I've been sketching some Marathon characters for fun, and decided to try and redesign them all. Here's a few sketches I did last week.

A4 sketch, just added some flashy colored blobs on PS

Quickly colored in SAI <3

PS again- I think I'm gonna switch to SAI for easy coloring.

I made the Sph't major different looking than the minor- basically, I liked the first game's design better, but they looked humanoid while they're really not. 

The Pfhor's weird knee-and legflapthingies look funny- I just tucked them in the suit. I'm gonna change the legs so it will look like it's still there, though.

And I just really love the Enforcers- I reject the one image that shows their cool looking heads are actually just helmets- So, an überPfhor, they are.

A new blog for all my non-school related things.

Yeap, that's what this is. Also, I can't spell too well in Spanish, so it gets me nervous anyway. I'll be adding sketches and pictures of sculpts I'm making.