martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

September 2011

Yesterday I had a technical drawing exam, and I think I did ok..
I've been studying for this and neglecting other things, I did import that Zergling to maya, seen some basic tutorials about rigging but I didn't do anything with it yet. I'm also working on another character made with super sculpey, this time it a Norn from creatures 4 , finished one of those space paintings, which I didn't post anything about on this blog I think (?) and worked on some small tests for stop-motions. I'll add a few pictures now and edit the entry later on.

Also, thanks to Xasthur for the background! 

 My new pet, a male mantis religiosa.

I baked this one a while ago, and began painting it.

One of the oil paintings. Actually, it's 4 paintings. The frame is made of polythelene foam, painted with acrylics and then sprayed with metallic paint.

 A small part of the other painting, it's an icy planet but it still has one more or less 'warm' continent. I just finished adding clouds to it, so it's still wet. 

The Norn..


It's supposed to be some sort of looks wrong though xD

Try two at the spacebird. Looking more like a bird..

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