domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Marathon redesigns

I've been sketching some Marathon characters for fun, and decided to try and redesign them all. Here's a few sketches I did last week.

A4 sketch, just added some flashy colored blobs on PS

Quickly colored in SAI <3

PS again- I think I'm gonna switch to SAI for easy coloring.

I made the Sph't major different looking than the minor- basically, I liked the first game's design better, but they looked humanoid while they're really not. 

The Pfhor's weird knee-and legflapthingies look funny- I just tucked them in the suit. I'm gonna change the legs so it will look like it's still there, though.

And I just really love the Enforcers- I reject the one image that shows their cool looking heads are actually just helmets- So, an überPfhor, they are.

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